How much should I pay for a mover?


                            How much should I pay for a mover?


The average cost of a mover can vary due to each individual moves needs. Recent results show basic cost below for an idea.

Studio 1        1 bedroom            2 bedroom                3 bedroom
Local movers     [$240-$310]    [$320-$395]      [$600-$715]          [$1,280-$1,440]

Long distance [$1,200-$1450][$1,500-$2,200][$3,500-$4,200]  [$4200- $6,300]


This does not mean you will pay these exact prices. Prices are also based on weight, assembling and disassembling, wrapping and in some cases stairs.

  • Make sure you ask if they have flat rates or any hidden fees.
  • You want to focus on paying for service not just the move.
  • Going to cheap can result in receiving low quality service and can end up costing you more in the end.

For a good mover you will pay $150 or more per hour for to movers and a truck. The reason for this is the quality service provided. Furniture and fragile items will be wrapped or covered and carefully handled. Every item is taken to the truck with absolute care. They watch out for walls and corners. Little like like watching out for picture frames on the walls as well as lights and and fans. you are paying for those details and MUCH MORE.

Paying much less than $100 an hour can result in workers not making enough therefore not caring as much about there jobs leading to lack in work quality. Not watching walls or floors they make scratches Not being careful and hitting furniture that causes damage that will cost you money. Going in between can get you moderate results


                                           Meet in the middle

  1. Look at there reviews to know how well they treat their passed customers.
  2. See what they charge.
  3. Compare there price to other moving companies in the area.
  4. Notice how they talked to you on the phone and if the are knowledgeable and polite.
  5. Pay based on what you are willing to go without.


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