What not to put on the moving truck?

What should you leave with you and not put in the moving truck?


There are a few items that you may consider leaving with you and not putting on the moving truck. These are items that you may need to use at any point in time. It may also be personal items you may want keep with you. Often times people will have the movers move everything. What happens is when you arrive at you new home you will have many boxes and will have had a full day or tow depending on if it was an out of state move or not. Most people do not feel like unpacking the same day they arrive so here are a few suggestions on items you may consider keeping with you so that you can do whats most important after arrival at your convenience.

  • Tooth brush and tooth paste
  • Wash clothes
  • Pet food
  • Pain medication and other medication used often such as inhaler
  • Shampoo and soap
  • A blanket and pillow
  • Chargers for computer and phone or tablet



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